Terms of use

bitmie.pro registration requirements
User registration on the bitmie.pro website indicates that the user has read and agreed to the terms of use.
All legally competent persons over 21 years of age are eligible to register with bitmie.pro.
The project administration does not impose geographical restrictions on registration. However, it is the user's personal responsibility to ensure that participation in the project is not illegal in the user's country.
The administration undertakes to never disclose participant data to third parties. Our data centers are located in countries where these systems are not prohibited by law. We guarantee the anonymity of all participants and the security of their personal data. Each user of the bitmie.pro project is allowed to have only one account.

Multiple accounts can be registered from the same IP address, provided they are owned by different persons who have different payment information and are not part of the same referral sequence. In all other cases, multiple accounts are not allowed. If multiple accounts are detected, the administration has the right to block accounts and hold money while the violation is investigated. Banned users will be refunded their money, excluding any earnings from deposits and referral bonuses received within the last 10 business days.

While these measures are intended to protect the project from fraudulent activity, we strive to create a convenient and user-friendly environment for all participants. As long as you comply with the terms of use of the bitmie.pro system, there is no reason to worry about restrictive measures from the administration. In case of any problems, please write to [email protected]
Participation risks

The bitmie.pro system is not a banking institution. The system provides the opportunity to obtain high profitability and high risk for making money. The system's management is committed to further expansion and development of the platform. Bitmie.pro administrators retain 10% of the system's operating assets as their earnings.
Updates and changes to the website.

The services provided by bitmie.pro to the participants for making money online are provided "as is". By registering on the website, the user acknowledges the provided functionality and agrees to the system rules and to the administration's right to make changes to the operation of the platform. We undertake to never changing the terms and conditions of the deposit plans after the fact of the participant making a deposit. We recommend all users to follow the project's in official social medias in order to stay current on future updates.
Please direct all inquiries and suggestions to [email protected]